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With over 15 years of live experience as a drummer, and handling management and musical direction, I’ve loved diving deep into new projects and working closely with other passionate musicians to create memorable moments.

I am currently pursuing more work as a Musical Director for Artists who are keen on developing their live shows.

If your priorities align with mine then I’d love to hear from you to see if we could create something special.

Getting behind the drums for the first time at age 10 I was instantly hooked*.* It didn’t take long to find some like minded friends to help me annoy the neighbours with poorly played covers and original songs. The quality didn’t matter to me, what really motivated me then and now was the accountability of working with other musicians to create something we could call our own. From that moment on I have been obsessed with creating songs, performing live music and developing projects.

Not even GCSE music could put me off pursuing a career as musician, so I ventured off to achieve my BA Music performance degree at The Academy Of Contemporary Music. Craving more, I have continued to study privately under drumming greats Ralph Salmins, Pete Riley and Mike Dolbear to name a few.

Since graduating from ACM I have been busy working in the high end function band scene, Off West End theatre, Cruise ships, Lighting/Live audio, Orchestral Work and recording/writing/performing original music in one form or another. I regularly take on the role as musical director in my projects which puts my need to over plan and over prepare to good use.

Detailed planning, excellent communication and high standards are at the heart of how I do what I do. I always bring enthusiasm and optimism to my work both on and off the stage. Whilst not taking myself too seriously I bring professionalism and a versatile set of skills including: production and live sound engineering, musical direction, band management and extensive skills and knowledge as a drummer.

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