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Excellent Tutor

Highly Recommend 

Excellent tutor, my son has been having lessons with William for a few months now and has not only excelled in his drumming abilities but has also grown in his self confidence. William is friendly, professional and has supported my son through his grading. We are extremely pleased with the service we receive from William. Highly recommend his Drum Tuition. 100%.


I can’t recommend Will enough, he is a excellent tutor and has taught my son so much, my son was a complete beginner when he started with Will 6 months ago. My son’s confidence has grown loads since he has been having lesson with Will.


Patient and Fun

Fantastic and Talented Tutor 

My son has been having lessons from Will for nearly 2 years. He has enjoyed every session and it is the highlight of his week.
Will has a very pleasant and friendly personality and he interacts with my son at his level.
Will is reliable, punctual at the same time being flexible.
He is really interested in helping my son improve his skills and is preparing him for level 3 certification.
Will has also helped my son prepare for school assemblies.
All in all I am very pleased with my son's development and highly recommend Will to anyone who wants to be a drummer.

Parveen S

Will started teaching my daughter when she was 4. She has made huge progress and thoroughly enjoys her lessons with him. His teaching style has made her very passionate about drumming and music. As well as being so patient with her, he makes learning fun.


Awesome Tutor 

Fantastic Tutor!  

I think Will is an fantastic teacher , as he gives very truthful feedback and makes lessons that are fun and rewarding . My hobby has become my talent which is reflected in school events as well. Will has also supported this process. I would recommend any young child to learn from Will, as he is an euthiastic drumming professional.

Johd S

Drumming is only for certain souls. If his student is one of those, who will not pick up drumming, he will let you know. William is not the kind of person to let you waste your money. However he is also not the kind to give up. If you so choose to continue, he will keep teaching. William has been teaching my son for over a year. Through Williams guidance, my son has gone from being a kid who wouldn't concentrate in lessons, to a grade one drummer and still growing. William is a pleasant young man, with a great attitude

Anthony G

Excellent Tutor 

Super and Talented Drummer  

Excellent tutor and my son is thoroughly enjoying his sessions. Williams booking site is excellent as we can pick alternative days and times without having to text William ☺


He is a talented drummer. He has loads of patience and gives useful and specific feedback that has improved my drumming since I have started. If one of my friends ask for drum sessions, I would recommend William Jupp.


Great Teacher!  

Awesome Teacher!  

Although I have only spent a few lessons with Will I have learnt a lot about drumming, he is a great person and a great teacher. Will was happy to tailor my lessons very specifically to what I wanted to learn and I'm excited to progress further with him.


Firstly William is a very nice person to talk to, he is friendly and very helpful. He's a really experienced drummer but is still learning. He is very informative and the lesson focus on just what you want as a drummer, whether just a hobby or if you are serious. William isn't just doing this for the money, he cares about your progress. He also tries to make the whole lesson enjoyable but serious. 

Overall I would highly recommend William Jupp.



Very Good and Honest  

I've had a few lessons with Will and Ive improved so much within that time. I'm starting to better understand the technical side of drumming and enjoy each lesson. I would definitely recommend Will to anyone wanting to learn the drums , even if you already play.


I have been having lessons with William for a few months now and have really enjoyed them. William is very easy to get on with and also gives very good and honest feedback. I have learnt a lot since I started lessons which has improved my drumming and my ability to practice on my own.


Smart and Talented Tutor 

Great Tutor!

My daughter has been having lessons from Will for a term. She loves every lesson and very enjoyed, I am pleased my daughter's dovelopment and highly recommend Will to anyone want to learn to be a drummer


Great tutor! Will has a seemingly unlimited array of styles that he can teach and is very patient, very detailed and very friendly too.


Amazing Experience

Particular about technique

I've been having lessons for about 3 months now and have learned a huge amount since starting. Will is very particular about good technique which I like a lot and how to develop your technique in the most appropriate way. As a professional guitar teacher I understand how to break things down to become more manageable and Will is great at doing this. Also not learning exercises for the sake of it! Will teaches how to use them in real world scenerios.


I have been having drum lessons with William for a few months now and really enjoy them.
I have never played before so I was a bit worried however William is a brilliant tutor. Very enthusiastic, friendly and patient. It's opened up a whole new experience for me I would highly recommend him for anyone wanting to learn to play.


Confidence building and creative

Kind and considerate

It was a great lesson. Kind and considerate about ability and my ridiculous need to be 1000% perfect so thank you for your patience.


Will is a great teacher! He is very patient and gives you the confidence and techniques to be able to improve your drumming quickly but also the tools to be able to practise, work things out and be creative by yourself. Will gave me everything I needed in order to prepare for and pass my exam, but he also teaches lots beyond grade work and has massively helped me to improve in a band environment.



Attentive to detail

Will teaches both myself and my son aged 8 at the same and he makes it a great experience for both of us every week, he's very patient with my son and myself! We both love going and without doubt it is the fastest hour of the week. Will pays a lot of attention to posture and reading music as well as ensuring playing the drums is a fun and enjoyable experience. We are lucky to have found Will he's a great lad and I would recommend anyone whatever your age to give Will a shout and get drumming.


As a parent I have done thorough research to find reliable drum teacher and glad to found one. Will been giving a drum lesson for my 11 year old son for less than a year. My son has made amazing progress and loves every minutes of his lesson. Will is very experienced, extremely patient and trustworthy drum teacher. I can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Will. Get your 1st lesson and see it for yourself. I only wish that I had found him earlier! Will, simply thank you for being great.


3 grades in 3 months

I wasn't sure how much progress I'd make as an adult learner, but William has helped me successfully work through three grades in the three months I've been learning.

His teaching style keeps me passionate about wanting to learn; I get to focus on the styles, songs and techniques I'm interested in, which makes a huge difference.

Better yet, he has infinite patience and professionalism. I can't sing his praises enough!


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