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I've been having lessons for about 3 months now and have learned a huge amount since starting. Will is very particular about good technique which I like a lot and how to develop your technique in the most appropriate way.


As a professional guitar teacher I understand how to break things down to become more manageable and Will is great at doing this. Also not learning exercises for the sake of it! Will teaches how to use them in real world scenarios.


My son has been having lessons from Will for nearly 2 years. He has enjoyed every session and it is the highlight of his week.
Will has a very pleasant and friendly personality and he interacts with my son at his level.
Will is reliable, punctual at the same time being flexible.
He is really interested in helping my son improve his skills and is preparing him for level 3 certification.
Will has also helped my son prepare for school assemblies.
All in all I am very pleased with my son's development and highly recommend Will to anyone who wants to be a drummer.​


I wasn't sure how much progress I'd make as an adult learner, but William has helped me successfully work through three grades in the three months I've been learning.

His teaching style keeps me passionate about wanting to learn; I get to focus on the styles, songs and techniques I'm interested in, which makes a huge difference.

Better yet, he has infinite patience and professionalism. I can't sing his praises enough!


about your lessons

With over 16 years of drumming experience, a Bachelor of Music degree, higher diploma in professional musicianship, Rockschool grade 8 and a safeguarding children course I have the qualifications necessary to provide the highest level of tuition. Coupled with my passion and fresh outlook on music education I have ability to keep you feeling inspired to play and to keep you progressing along your unique music path.

I structure my lesson around the Rockschool graded syllabus and will spend time expanding on the concepts featured in each grade to take you out of the book and into the real world. I will also teach you about the tools of the trade in our technology segments as well as teaching you all about music production and other industry skills. I believe understanding these additional areas allow you to be a far more well-rounded, creative, and musical drummer.

As every student has different interests, learns differently, and progresses at different rates it is vital that my teaching methods adapt to you. This means finding what works to keep you motivated to practice rather than following a standard method for everyone.

The lessons are a fun and interesting combination of deep diving into technique, exploring creativity, learning to read music and studying the music industry. 

My number one focus is your enjoyment.


Book Your Free Lesson Today!

Come meet William and enjoy a free half hour lesson to see how he can help you.  What is there to loose?

Provide your name, email, phone number and tell William a little about yourself. He will then be in contact to arrange a time to suit. 

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The Studio

My home studio makes for the perfect environment for learning. It is equipped with everything I need to create a relaxed, professional and creative space where progression and passion are at the centre of every lesson.

I have both acoustic and electric drums, piano and a full recording/production setup. This allows me to open the lesson to every scenario and surround the student with profession industry standard equipment from day one.

Below is a few highlights from the studio or you can click the link to see a full studio tour.

studio tour


The question of what drum kit you should buy or what equipment do you need is a popular one. We will discuss this in detail in your first lesson and to help I have compiled a list of equipment I recommend. 

Do not feel you need to go and buy a drum kit straight away. I have had many students have lesson for multiple months before making the decision to invest in a kit. Lets get you started and see how things go. At the end of the day, anything can be a practice surface if you have the imagination.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information.

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