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Freelance Drummer based in the UK.


Preparation, impeccable time management and an entrepreneurial approach is at the centre of what I do.

After nearly 15 years of live experience and band leadership, I am confident I can be a driving force behind your musical project.

Also, drums aren't bad either..

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Live performance is at the foundation of what I do. From day one I have been working with other musicians in live scenarios creating a strong supportive backbone.


Pulling experience from musical theatre, covers bands, original projects and orchestral playing I have developed the skills needed to make my team feel comfortable on stage.



From early on I have been fascinated with translating musical ideas into recordings. I started with recording drums for youtube videos and now developed my abilities to be able to produce high-quality acoustic drum tracks to polished programmed drums and even to a complete production of a song.

My focus has always been authenticity, creativity, power and executing.

Musical Director

My favourite thing is taking someone’s idea and using a combination of band management, communication, and musicianship to bring it to life. I love to see how close I can get to what that person has imagined before we judge if it works or not.

I believe these are the skills necessary to make a good musical director and also to provide the best show possible.


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All Videos

All Videos


pro level equipment for all scenarios

I'm a true gear head. Years of accumulating equipment and dedication to learning how to use each piece correctly provides me the ability and means to offer a wide range of services with the tools to suit.

For a full equipment list click the link below.

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